Plagfree for Universities

Benefits of PlagFree

  • Content publishing gives a huge turn over to any publishing firm. They have to deal with many writers, researchers, poets etc. who wants to get their work published. Distinguishing between original and plagiarised work can be a challenge for the publisher. Plagiarising any article only needs two commands: copy and paste. But with Plagfree detecting plagiarised article have become even simpler.
  • Plagfree has come as a boon for the publishers. Now they can easily detect the plagiarised article in few simple steps. High accuracy of the result helps them to judge the credibility of the writer and they can confidently publish original content.
  • Plagfree has different price packages available to suit the needs of all. Organisation just has to sign up and buy credit to check particular number of documents. Upload the document and start the check.
  • Plagfree is committed to make your work easy and save your valuable time. Plagiarised paragraph, line or quote is highlighted in the document and the source of copy is also mentioned.
  • You can get the scan report as per your need and convenience. You can get an online report, interactive browser or as MS Word document.