Plagiarism is a major threat to literature of 21st century

Copying and rephrasing someone else's work and showing it as your own work is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is nothing new in the world of literature. But in the time of technology explosion and internet, plagiarism has become a very easy thing to do. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of documents which are plagiarised. Now you don't even have to put the effort of typing the information. Plagiarism is possible with two simple commands: copy and paste.

PlagFree is present to help

PlagFree can be very useful and handy technology to detect plagiarism. Its efficiency in its work helps to retain the credibility of a writer and also helps in keeping academic standards high. PlagFree detection inspires the authors to think new and different.

At PlagFree we always keep content providers first

We understand that text is bread and butter for the content providers. By checking whether the article is genuine or not, we help in maintaining the quality of work.

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