Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Legal Compliance

Lorem Ipsum Plagfree believes that it is our moral duty to keep your document safe and your identity anonymous. We assure you that your document will not be visible to any third person and you can delete the document from our servers any time you wish to do so. No concealed copies of your document are made by us.

Data Integrity

If you choose to save your data on our servers for further comparisons, you will be in full control of your data. Your identity or full document will be visible only if you agree on doing so.

Deletion guideline

We have an auto delete program who automatically deletes documents after a certain time. This keeps your data safe in case you forget to delete the data.

Legal Compliance

  • We use 256-bit-SSL connection.
  • We pass on all documents using https protocol.
  • We come under jurisdiction of Germany.
  • We have html based website and are not susceptible to CMS attacks.
  • Our website is designed in accordance with the norms of German Federal Office of Information Security.
  • We process all your data in agreement with Federal Data Protection Act 9 and 11.