Our Forms of Reporting

At Plagfree we are committed to give you the best and as per your convenience. We provide you plagiarism report in four forms as per your need and request.

  1. Plag level: Plag level is a generalised checking of the document. It shows an approximate value up to which a document is plagiarised. On the basis of this analysis it suggests how further you should go to check the document.
    • 0-1% - it means your document is original.
    • 0-5% - document need to be examined closely for plagiarism.
    • 5% and above – there is high chances of document being plagiarised.
  2. The result list: Plagfree enlists all the lines or paragraphs along with the source from which the match is found. With this list you can easily identify the paragraph which has high chances of plagiarism.
  3. Interactive browser report: It is beneficial as you get the source of match found in the text only.
  4. PDF Report File: This is most convenient method which can be used by using PDF Report button. It will create report in PDF file for more convenience and for friendly use.