Our Technology

Plagiarism Detection Method

Plagiarism is a major threat to the literature and intellectual standards of 21st century. Copying or rephrasing someone else's work and publishing as your own are the most unethical thing to do and it is injustice to all those authors who painstakingly write down their original ideas. Plagiarism is also a legal offence and is against the copyright law.

At Plagfree we understand the importance of original work to maintain academic standards. That is why we are committed to detect and expose any such plagiarised documents and prevent it from publishing. We also detect unintentional plagiarism done by any author and give suggestions to rectify the mistakes done by the author.

Our work Procedure

We at Plagfree sincerely wished if we could have checked your document with each and every document present in our data base. But this can be very time consuming and a tedious job to do. To maintain the balance between work efficiency and the time taken, we have thematically divided the documents. Our search engine does a statistical search and finds all the related documents thematically.

We have also maintained our own database. We have filed the database with the help of Apache Solr. Our internet partner is Yahoo Search.

Once we find the relevant documents, your document is thoroughly checked and compared. We are well equipped to detect plagiarism even if the author has used synonyms or rearranged the order of the words.